Changing the Way Food is Viewed

Private label products are everywhere within the retail market. Most people throughout the nation buy store-brand items instead of name brand simply to save money while grocery shopping not even realizing that most of the brands are produced within the same plant. The goal for the producer is to create a quality product at a lower cost, which is what happens at Bay Valley Foods in Faison, NC. It is the leading pickle and pepper supplier within the United States as well as the top retail market private label pickle packer. Additionally, they produce a broad range of other shelf stable foods for retail distribution as well as “Food Away From Home” items for use in restaurants.

Within this unit, students will be applying mathematical concepts within the eighth grade curriculum to the production and packaging of pickles. The lessons within the unit will address concepts relating to volumes as they relate to real-life experiences within a pickle plant. Students will be deducing volumes of three-dimensional figures and applying these concepts in order to figure out cost analyses within the business.

Author: Amy Kennedy

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