Yarn, it’s what I do

As a business owner it is important to always try and find ways to get your product out to the public in order to generate more business. National Spinning has recently transitioned to 12 hour shifts which means the plant operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With more hours being worked and more employees, it is imperative to have orders constantly and to keep up with the competition.

National Spinning was founded in 1921 and since then they have expanded their companies to meet the high demands of their customers.  They are the leading supplier in the United States of dyed and raw white short and long staple spun yarn.  They could potentially be a supplier worldwide if they continue to produce high quality yarn.

With that being said, new and innovative ideas are needed to take this company to a whole new level.  The creative products from the students can provide National Spinning a way to broaden their business to reach new customers as well as provide them with potential ideas on branching out and adding new divisions for the company.  They already have developed two other operating divisions that include Hampton Art and Carolina NonWovens.  Hampton Art produces paper and beading craft products and Carolina NonWovens produce the fibers used in insulation and bedding.

Author: Tasha Martinez

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