Catherine Hart

Creating a Virtual Library of Common Core Concepts for Site-Based Professional Development-ELA

Partnered with Dr. Julie Joslin, Kenan Fellow Jasmine Hart will create engaging curriculum and model instructional practices for North Carolina teachers. The Common Core Standards for English Language Arts will be implemented in the 2012-13 school year, and the curriculum Ms. Hart will create includes a module of materials that an LEA can use for on-site professional development. The project will involve capturing digital video of excellent instructional delivery of challenging concepts and creating a detailed facilitators’ guide to accompany each video. As part of creating a module, Ms. Hart will also create a schedule for implementing this training and construct a list of possible follow-up activities and resources. Working closely with her mentor, Ms. Hart will transform the way English language arts is taught in North Carolina.

Green Hope High School

Wake County Public School System

Dr. Julie Joslin, NC DPI



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