Laura Lewis

Wake County Schools
Mentors: Dr. Karen Erickson, UNC-Chapel Hill; Dr. Patricia Porter, Center for Literacy and Disability Studies
Sponsors: NC Council on Developmental Disabilities and New Voices Foundation

Adapting Lessons to Support Students with Severe Communication and Physical Disabilities
In collaboration with UNC School of Medicine’s Center for Literacy and Disabilities and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Ms. Lewis is working to develop best practices that will assist special needs students with severe communication and mobility disabilities. She is focusing on the use of new technology applications and aligned support that would “unlock” the academic potential of these children helping them to develop communication and literacy skills. Her models will assist teachers in creating and modifying lessons in science, engineering, math and literacy through the use of assistive technologies. The best practices developed as a result of this fellowship will be disseminated to K-12 schools across the state.