LeRoy Humphries

Fayetteville Technical Community College
Mentors: Dr. Susan Moore, Renee Strnad, NC State University; Jennifer Grantham, NC Forestry Association; Linda Holton, Weyerhaeuser TOSA
Sponsor: Weyerhaeuser Foundation

Sustainable Forestry: Forest Wildlife Conservation and Management
Conservation and management of wildlife is necessary to protect diverse ecosystems in North Carolina. In collaboration with NC State’s Department of Forestry, the NC Forestry Association and Weyerhaeuser, LeRoy Humphries’ biology and environmental science students explore best management practices in sustainable forestry to promote wildlife conservation and produce quality timber harvests. Students engage in projects that demonstrate forest ecology and discover factors that influence wildlife populations and forest health. They utilize a variety of hands-on activities and web-based applications to study forest ecosystem sustainability. Through this unit, students research, investigate, and design a management plan for a forested area to protect the wildlife that inhabits the region.