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Motion and Design



This site contains all the information you need to get your class involved in the creative process of designing, building, and testing their own powered vehicle. These activities will expand their understanding of the principles of motion and design and their appreciation for the general scientific process.


These lessons plans follow the Motion and Design kit from STC (Carolina Biological). The teacher guide provides many thought-provoking questions (as cited in the lesson plans); however, teacher-developed questions will definitely enhance the instruction. Use these lesson plans as a guide for your classroom. Adapt these lesson plans as needed to meet the educational needs of your students. This guide will also assist you when you conduct your own teacher training sessions.

As student groups work throughout the lessons, observe each group and jot down questions to ask during a discussion. These questions can include innovative ideas, comments, or possible misconceptions that require further clarification.

Make sure all students and groups have the opportunity to share findings and conclusions from the investigations. Then, further questions for investigations can be developed by the groups.

Discussing investigation conclusions is an excellent way in which to assess whether the student grasped the concepts.

The lessons are available for individual viewing above or may be downloaded in PDF or DOC format for easier viewing by clicking the following links.