June Blackwell

June Blackwell is a National Board Certified math teacher at Sanderson High School who has received numerous grant awards for creative math instruction.

Her project, MANNA from the Heavenly World of Math and its accompanying resources have been developed in conjunction with Lucky 32 Restaurant and Harriette Griffin from NCSU.

Julie Crain

Julie Crain is a National Board Certified English teacher and the chair of the Fuquay High School Leadership Team. Julie and two additional Kenan Fellows were recently invited to present their Kenan Fellows project at the National English Teachers Conference in San Francisco this fall. Her interdisciplinary project Science in Literature has been developed with Dr. Hiller Spires and Dr. Lisa Grable from NCSU.

Pamela Lovin

Pamela Lovin is a National Board Certified physics teacher who has served as the Science Department Chair and who currently serves as a science consultant for the Department of Public Instruction and the NC Model Teacher Education Consortium. Her Kenan Fellows project is Physics and Technology: Making Real Life Connections and she has worked with Dr. Robert Beichner from NCSU.

Lisa McCurdy

Lisa McCurdy, C.W. Stanford Middle school science and math teacher, received 2001 and 2002 Window of Opportunity Grants for her project, Soil Inquiry and Environmental Ethics. As a result of her innovation and research, Lisa presented her Kenan Fellows project at the International Symposium of Earthworm Ecology in Cardiff, Wales last year. She has developed her project with Dr. Dan Richter from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.

Carolyn Moser

Carolyn Moser, Leesville Middle school science teacher, holds both NC Environmental Education Certification and National Board Certification. Carolyn received a Fulbright Scholarship last year and traveled to Japan to share her teaching expertise. She recently presented at the Distinguished Teachers forum and has served as a member of the USA Today 2001 Teacher Team. She has received numerous grants towards classroom projects. Her Kenan Fellows project, Making Connections for Environmental Education was developed in collaboration with Dr. Harriett Stubbs from NCSU.

Kevin Porch

Kevin Porch, Carnage Middle School science teacher, has served since 1999 as the Science Coordinator for the Cornerstones Magnet Grant, a federal grant received by the public school system. He recently presented his project, Genomics & Bioinformatics, at the NC Genomics and Bioinformatics Consortium with the NC Biotechnology Center. His curriculum primarily involves relating biotechnology and genomic science to middle school students. Check out “Spiderman Genes” on his website developed in collaboration with Dr. Bob Kelly from NCSU.

Judy Smith

Judy Smith, National Board Certified Career and Technical Education Teacher at Southeast Raleigh High School, was a 2001 recipient of a trip to Japan from the Fulbright Memorial Teacher Fund for International Understanding. She has certification as a Career Development Facilitator and as a National Board Mentor. Her project entitled Foods and Nutrition was developed in collaboration with Dr. Susan Butler, formerly from NCSU.

Shawna Young

Shawna Young is now the executive director of the Office of Engineering Outreach Programs (OEOP) at MIT. Shawna received a BS in Chemistry from Howard University and MAT in Science Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has a great deal of experience working with students and helping them prepare for college and careers in science.

Before becoming a Kenan Fellow, Shawna was a lateral entry physics and environmental science teacher at Hillside High School, and received a 2001 Window of Opportunity grant and a 2002 TILES Technology Grant. She was nominated for the Radio Shack National Teacher Award and received a fellowship from the College Board for Advanced Placement instruction. She developed her project Making the Earth/Environmental Science Connection with Dr. Patricia Bowers from UNC-CH.