Antoinette Cheek

Antoinette Cheek teaches high school mathematics at Southeast Guilford High, in the Guilford County Public School System. Before becoming a teacher 5 years ago, Mrs. Cheek worked as a Systems Software Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Center. Mrs. Cheek’s project entitled GSI: Geometry Scene Investigations will connect geometry concepts to engineering, architecture and mechanical design. Drs. Eric Cheek, and Ronnie Bailey, from NC A&T University will serve as her University Mentors.

Kim Collazo

Kim Collazo won the 2001 Teacher of the Year award at J.R. Ingram, Jr. Elementary School where she currently teaches 5 th Grade. Ms. Collazo is the first awarded Fellow from Lee County Public Schools. Her project Gaming In Science will engage elementary students in a fun and stimulating, multi-user, virtual reality as a supplement to their instruction. Dr. Len Annetta of NC State University will serve as her Mentor.

Jon Collins

Jon Collins holds certifications in Chemistry and Physics for high school science. He currently teaches at Cedar Ridge High School in the Durham County Public School System. Mr. Collins’ project, Computational Chemistry in the Classroom, Learning about DrugDesign will incorporate physics, biophysics, biochemistry, and pharmacology to expose students to applied science and careers in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Robert Gotwal, Computation Chemistry Educator for The Shodor Education Foundation, and Ms. Christine Boytos, of GlaxoSmithKline will serve as Mr. Collins’ Mentors for the next two years.

Erin Denniston

Erin Denniston is the Science Specialist for McDougle Elementary, Chapel Hill- Carborro City Schools. Erin has 15 years of teaching experience and recently completed her Master’s in K-8 Science Education from UNC Chapel Hill. Ms. Denniston’s project Design Technolog; Children’s Engineering combines physical science content with problem solving–the heart of engineering. Dr. David Ollis, from NC State’s, College of Engineering will serve as her University Mentor.

Julie Durr

Julie Durr is an Earth Science teacher at W.G. Enloe High School a magnet school in Wake County Public School System. Julie will have the opportunity to travel to the Rain Forest of Costa Rica during her Fellowship, to research hydrology and groundwater dating with her Mentor, David Genereux of NC State’s Marine Earth and Atmospheric SciencesDepartment. During her two-year fellowship Ms. Durr plans to document all of her experiences with multi-media to take her students along on her research journey.

Katie Gooden

Katie Gooden holds certifications in Earth Science, Physics, and Middle School Science. Ms. Gooden teaches 6 th grade at Reedy Creek Middle School of Wake County Public Schools. Mrs. Gooden will work with University Mentors, Drs. Chris Brown and Heike Winter Sederoff of NC State. Ms. Gooden’s Kenan Fellowship Project “Adventures of the Agronauts” is a web-based space biology curriculum that offers resources for both middle school teachers and students.

John Heffernan

John Heffernan is a third-grade teacher for Forest View Elementary in Durham County and 2004 Fulbright Memorial Scholar. Mr. Heffernan has taught elementary school for the past ten years in both North Carolina and New York City. Mr. Heffernan and his Mentor, Dr. Ronan Plesser of Duke University’s, College of Physics, will work together on curriculum resources engaging students in inquiry-based activities to expand their knowledge of the properties of light and the observable patterns of the Earth, Sun, and Moon.

Zebetta King

Zebetta King is the Instructional Resource Teacher at Fred A. Olds Elementary School in Wake County. Zebetta is currently earning her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from NC State University. During her two year Fellowship, Ms. King will partner with NC Infrastructure Science Education and Mentor Brenda Evans on her project entitled Inquiry Based Science in the Classroom. Through this project Ms. King will develop a variety of resource materials for teachers that enhance student learning through a critical thinking process.

Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell teaches Environmental Science and Biology at Durham School of the Arts, in Durham County. In collaboration with the NC State’s Bio-manufacturing Training and Education Center, Mr. Mitchell will work with his University Mentor Dr. Peter Kilpatrick on his project entitled, The Biology and Historical Impact of Disease. Students and teachers will analyze disease through a holistic, interdisciplinary approach in order to understand how diseases function and how they have affected the course of world history.

Rice Strange

Rice Strange teaches Physics and Physical Science at Northwest Guilford High School. Mr. Strange has been selected for the Academic Design Team of Guilford County’s first new high school in 25 years. Mr. Strange’s Kenan Fellow Project Journal for Young Scientists is a web-based application that provides high school students the opportunity to publish findings from class research and individual investigations. Drs. Harol Hoffman and Jerry Meisner of UNC Greensboro and Dr. Robert Beichner of NC State University will serve as Mentors for this project.

DeeDee Whitaker

DeeDee Whitaker is a National Board Certified Chemistry Teacher and has been teaching science in North Carolina for 28 years! Currently, Ms. Whitaker teaches at Southwest Guilford High School. Through her Kenan Fellows project Analysis of Water Runoff and its Implications for Aquatic Wildlife, students will use storm water collection data gained through authentic field studies, computer mapping and modeling to better understand the relationship between abiotic factors and the health of aqautic habitats. Dr. JoAnn Burkholder, Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology at NC State will serve as her Mentor.