Kenan Fellows Chad Ogren and Deborah Massengill’s students take second place at the state Envirothon competition

Over the weekend of April 27th and 28th Enloe sent 3 teams to the state Envirothon competition at Cedar Rock Park in Burlington. The Envirothon competition is a hands-on environmental education program sponsored by the NC Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts and the Division of Soil & Water Conservation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

These students study soils, forest resources, aquatic resources, wildlife, and current environmental issues during the entire school year. They go on field trips, have resource speakers give presentations, and study the Envirothon resource materials with their advisors.

There were 56 high school teams of five students from all across the state competing for the state championship. Enloe took 2nd, 3rd, and 12th place this year. Advisors Chad Ogren and Debbie Massengill are extremely happy with the work their students have put forth. Enloe High School has had at least one team if not two in the top 5 at the state competition for the past 6 years now including three state championships.

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