Featured Upcoming Fellowship

Space Resource Center for Teachers
Dr. Chris Brown, NC Space Grant, NC State, Mentor

Utilizing the NASA Education Resource Center at UNC Charlotte as a model, a Kenan Fellow will work with NC Space Grant to develop and distribute resources through a satellite NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) for teachers in central/eastern NC.

During this two year fellowship, a Kenan Fellow will establish the NASA ERC and coordinate with education liaisons to obtain new curriculum materials, activities, kits and equipment that enhance space science education in K-12 curriculum.

The Fellow will be responsible for connecting materials to the NC SCOS and disseminating to appropriate teachers. In addition to the NASA Education centers, this Fellow will have exposure to labs, workshops and conferences in order to network and obtain valuable materials for the resource center.

This Fellowship is available to an elementary, middle or high school teacher interested in space science.

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