News from the Director: Kenan Fellows Program Recognized in UNC Tomorrow Commission Report

The Kenan Fellows Program for Curriculum and Leadership Development is gaining statewide recognition as a model to facilitate a systematic interaction and link between university researchers and K-12 educators that translates cutting edge research into relevant K-12 curriculum. Kenan Fellows are public school teachers selected through a competitive process to participate in a prestigious two-year fellowship….all while remaining active in the classroom. Mentors participate in the two-year fellowship, exposing Fellows to research, new technologies and lab practices.

This highly acclaimed program was specifically mentioned in an important report compiled by the University of North Carolina Tomorrow Commission. The Commission was engaged in a comprehensive study to examine issues and needs facing our state.

Commission members and a Scholars Council held meetings across North Carolina to identify ways that the University of North Carolina System could meet those needs through programs and curricula, scholarship and research efforts, and public service engagement.

In its recently released final report, the UNC Tomorrow Commission held out specific recommendations to address these needs, including identifying the Kenan Fellows Program as one solution that aligns with recommendation 4.3 (Our Children and Their Future: Improving Public Education).

I would encourage you to read through the full text of the report to find out more. The report can be found at:

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