News from the Director: Congratulations to our new Kenan Fellows

The notion of taking the Kenan Fellows Program across North Carolina developed almost two years ago. After much planning and intentionality, the idea of providing professional development and leadership opportunities for the most effective K-12 teachers outside of the triangle region came to fruition with the Kenan Fellows class of 2010.

I am proud to announce that this incoming class continues the legacy of a cadre of outstanding educators not only from North Carolina, but we also have selected a Fellow from the state of Washington.

Thanks to our many partners, we were able to:

* Recruit from all North Carolina school districts;
* Increase our applicant pool threefold; and,
* Secure mentors from nine universities, four corporations and three independent organizations.

After culling through seventy-five viable candidates and conducing fifty interviews our Kenan Fellows Class of 2010 represents:

* An average of ten years of experience;
* All content areas including science, technology, math, music and assistive technology;
* Seventeen high, eight middle, five elementary schools and a Central Services representative; and,
* Fourteen North Carolina School Districts.

Please join me in welcoming our incoming Kenan Fellows class of 2010. And, stay tuned as we spotlight their continued success!

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