News from the Director: Fellows Awards

Teachers make a tremendous difference in the quality and effectiveness of education for students. Excellent teachers engage students by creating caring environments where high expectations for student achievement are evident and learning is relevant. Kenan Fellows demonstrate in their classrooms what it means to be an outstanding teacher.

Many of the 111 teachers who are currently enrolled or who have gone through the Kenan Fellows Program have received numerous accolades, awards and honors. These are teachers who are recognized by their peers, students and communities for their leadership and commitment to the profession.

For example, Matt Sears, a math teacher at Hillside New Tech High School, was recently named the 2008 SunTrust Gold Star Teacher of the Year for Durham Public Schools and also received a $20,000 Innovation Generation grant from the Motorola Foundation. Carrie Jones just received a $6,000 grant from the NC Biotechnology Center for a Biological Projects course. Briana Corke was given the Excellence in Science Teaching (elementary level) award from UNC-Greensboro and her school’s Carrboro Teacher of the Year award. Laura Ruble was recognized as a Science Teacher Leader.

I could go on and on listing outstanding teachers and their many accomplishments. I just wanted to take a moment to highlight a few Kenan Fellows in the hopes that you will “pay it forward” and take a minute to say THANKS to an outstanding teacher you may know. These are our teacher leaders who creatively engage students in classrooms across North Carolina each and every day!

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