New Kenan Fellowships Announced: Class of 2011

Kenan Fellowships for the Class of 2011 are available in the counties below. If your county is not listed, then click statewide to see the Fellowships listed for all North Carolina, K-12 public school teachers.

The following must be complete in order for an application to be considered:

1. An Online Nomination: A nominator can be any individual who has worked closely with the teacher or is familiar with their work as a leader and educator for North Carolina public schools. Nominators may be school superintendents, administrators, colleagues, parents of students, program partners or community leaders.

2. An Online Application: The application requires:
   a. Contact Information
   b. Work History
   c. Short Essays
   d. A Project Proposal

3. Two Letters of Recommendation: The Program will request recommendations from two people whose contact information is provided by the applicant. Letters of recommendation are due Friday, February 6, 2009.

The Application and Nomination forms are due by Friday, January 30, 2009.

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