Class of 2011 Kenan Fellows Announced

As spring approaches we are delighted to announce the Class of 2011 Kenan Fellows!

Dr. Brown-Schild portraitThis year’s group is to be commended for securing their fellowships through a tough, competitive process. Later this month, the cohort will join their Mentors for an introductory meeting, planning session and dinner. Watch the website for a group photo of these amazing teachers and their remarkable mentors as they begin their two-year journey together (

With this group of Fellows, we continue to expand our presence in North Carolina. Over forty-two strong, these current Fellows represent nineteen school districts from Mitchell County in the west to Bertie County in the east. Their projects range from "Using Thinking Routines in Inquiry-Based Learning" to engaging with gaming platforms in "Preparing Students for Careers in STEM’" (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Mentors for the Fellows come from university research labs, community colleges and innovative industries. For a complete list of partners and sponsors that support all of the Kenan Fellows, please visit our website! The next time you have a chance, be sure to thank these folks for their continued support for the Program. None of this would be possible without their leadership and commitment of resources.

I present to you all the Class of 2011 Kenan Fellows! Please join me in congratulating this outstanding group of elite teachers.

Dr. Valerie Brown-Schild, Director

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