Kenan Fellows Voices: Cassie Webb

An Experience to Remember

My internship at Bosch-Rexroth as part of my Kenan fellowship was full of learning moments!

I spent my time engaged in multiple projects, shadowing employees, and sitting in on meetings. The most interesting moments were spent on the plant floor. I enjoyed talking to the different machinists and learning about the variety of processes for the different products. I also REALLY loved learning how to cut on the Kaltenbach Saw.

The biggest challenge was finding a way to make my experience relatable to my 8-year-old students. Then I realized I was thinking too literally. Of course, my students are not going to saw and manufacture ball-screws or rail systems in our classroom. I realized it’s not about the product, it’s about the process. This seems like such a simple understanding. Once I shifted my focus, I started seeing connections to my classroom all around me.

My biggest takeaway is the many soft skills I can incorporate into my classroom. Through observation and discussion it became clear how important communication, collaboration, self-management, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are in the workforce. I plan to incorporate these skills in as many different ways as possible throughout my school year.

One way to do this is through Project Based Learning. Another procedure I observed at Bosch-Rexroth is the red-yellow-green-blue light system. On the plant floor they use this light system to track worker productivity. This is a great way to track what students are doing simply through a colored card on their desk (Red: Need help Yellow: I’m struggling but still trying Green: I’m working and Blue: I’m done).

I can’t believe the internship has already come to an end. I am excited to see what this new partnership with Bosch-Rexroth will entail.

Cassie Webb, a 2017-18 Kenan Fellow, teaches at Paw Creek Elementary School in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Her fellowship is sponsored by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and The Belk Foundation.