From My Garden to My Plate; That’s How I like to Eat

Activity for students to create a school garden using multiple academic disciplines

For so many of our students, they have little knowledge about how the food they eats gets to their lunch plate. Students will spend time in investigating, planning, designing, creating, and evaluating a school site garden.

By understanding the basic needs to plant growth, students will be able to investigate which plants would grow best in the soil on their school site. After a hypothesis has been formed, students will plan the materials needed and what type of garden they would like to host.

Designing the school garden will require Math, ELA, and Science skills with Scientific Method being used as a foundation. Students will create a school garden as a result of the work they preloaded into the activity. Finally, students will decide if the school garden has an improvements needed for future growth or more growth.

Nathosha Brinkley

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