Kenan Fellows Class of 2013 Awarded

The Kenan Fellows Program is proud to award fellowships in the Class of 2013 to 44 North Carolina public school teachers.

The accomplished teachers receiving fellowships this year represent urban and rural school districts throughout the state. We were honored to receive an unprecedented number of applications from skilled educators statewide. From Havelock in the east to Boone in the west, candidates shared the challenges facing classroom teachers and their ideas for meeting those challenges. When asked why they wanted to become Kenan Fellows, the overwhelming response was that being a Kenan Fellow opens doors. During the 18-month fellowship beginning this spring, members of the Class of 2013 will collaborate with respected experts in universities, community colleges and cutting edge workplaces. They will tackle innovative projects in biotechnology, aerospace, curriculum design, renewable energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and high tech multimedia development. As every former Kenan Fellow will agree, the strong relationships that develop with other excellent teachers during the fellowship will be a powerful professional asset. Congratulations to the new Kenan Fellows in the Class of 2013!

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