Opening Windows on the World

A key to the success of the Kenan Fellows Program is matching a great teacher with a great fellowship. The applications we received for fellowships in the Class of 2013 are a testament to the vision and commitment of educators in schools across North Carolina. Thanks to everyone who helped us get our message to accomplished teachers in K-12 classrooms statewide.

In three months, 42 teachers will be awarded Kenan Fellowships and will come together to begin a professional adventure. Participants in the new class will be chosen from among some of North Carolina’s best teachers, selected for their readiness to take advantage of a unique opportunity to learn alongside scientists, engineers, educators and industry innovators.

The teachers will spend their fellowship building powerful connections between students and the world that awaits them after graduation. Fellows will work on projects that range from designing safer aircraft with aviation and aerospace engineers to measuring and analyzing the impacts of climate change in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It is rare for teachers to have an opportunity to really understand the jobs they’re responsible for preparing students for. It is even rarer for teacher leaders to work together to find creative ways to convey new insights to students and one another. We know that the investment we make in these teacher leaders will pay a premium in much-needed quality STEM instruction in North Carolina.

Be on the lookout in April when we announce the award of 2013 Kenan Fellowships!

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