Kenan Fellow Featured in ‘Educator Voices’ Video Series

RALEIGH — LaTanya Pattillo is the second Kenan Fellow to be featured in a segment of the online “Educator Voices” video series by the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE).

In the video, Ms. Pattillo discusses the impact of North Carolina ranking 48th in the nation in average teacher pay. She also shares an emotional story about helping a student become a more engaged learner and how those moments provide teachers with their greatest reward.

“He gave me a prom picture and the message on the back was just so touching because he is one that I pushed and one that I made sure stayed on top of his work,” she said. “The message that he left me with the picture ‘thank you for keeping me in line’ that is it for me.”

Ms. Pattillo teaches business education in Columbus County. Another Kenan Fellow Jasmine Hart, who teaches in Wake County, was also part of the same video series. See her video here.

“Educator Voices” is a series of video profiles of teachers from across North Carolina. Brian Lewis, NCAE political director and chief lobbyist, produces, directs, films and edits the video interviews, which can be seen on YouTube.

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