Kenan Fellow Teaches STEM in China

IMG_0137CHINA ─ 2015-16 Kenan Fellow Evelyn Baldwin, a science teacher at Wake STEM Early College High School, spent a week teaching at the Suzhou North America High School in Suzhou, China.

Her visit is part of the two-year $1.5 million project, “Suzhou North America High School: Connecting to the Future.” Baldwin traveled to China in October where she led students through a macroinvertebrate lab on a pond on the school’s campus. The lesson is part of Project-Based Inquiry Global, an initiative led by Dr. Hiller Spires, the senior research fellow and professor at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State.

“This was a lab that helped the students gather authentic data to use in a global project with my science students at Wake STEM Early College High School,” Baldwin said.

In addition to working with students, Baldwin delivered professional development to teachers at the Suzhou North America High School. She showed teachers best practices for incorporating literacy in the science classroom.

“It was a great opportunity. I left China feeling hopeful about the future of the world. Students everywhere care about their environment and want to learn about each other. The trip renewed my passion for science teaching.”