Call for Educator Fellowship Nominations

Nominate a deserving K-12 educator for a paid fellowship award

Know a passionate teacher who deserves recognition for their exemplary work? Nominate any deserving educators for a 2024-2025 Kenan Fellowship.

Nominations are important to help us identify and recruit new Kenan Fellows. Your nominee must be a K-12 public or charter school educator in North Carolina. Kenan Fellows remain in their school or district roles while completing their fellowship.

Self Nominations Accepted

Teachers who complete the program say they feel a deeper connection to their community and grow professionally as part of a statewide network of teacher leaders. Ideal candidates show a desire to grow, improve their teaching practice, and connect with their community and other educators.

Your candidate will receive a personal email invitation from the Kenan Fellows Program inviting them to apply. Self-nominations are welcome.

If selected as a Kenan Fellow, your nominee will:

  • Spend three weeks during the summer in a STEM industry or research setting in their local community.
  • Receive 80 hours of high-quality professional development that will guide them in translating their industry immersion experience into resources and programs for students.
  • Fellowship recipients also receive a $5,000 stipend as compensation for their time and effort.

Nominations Deadline

Nominate your teacher by Friday, Oct. 27at 5 p.m. to give them enough time to submit their application on or before the priority consideration date of Friday, Dec. 1, 2023.

Want to know more?

Watch a video about our impact and visit for a detailed program overview.